Quiz Go-World 100

1 By which name is Kitani known in the Master of Go?
    A OTAKE 
    C WU

2 Which pro is known for humming folk songs during games?
    A Cho Hun-Hyeon
    B Cho Chikun
    C Cho Sonjin
    D Cho U

3 Who was the first 1-dan to beat a 9-dan with White in tournament play?
    A Takemiya Masaki
    B Shinkai Hiroko
    C Ninomiya Hideko
    D Yi Ch’ang-ho

4 What was the non-stop lightning-go record set by David Mitchell in 1977?
    A 83 hours
    B 46 hours
    C 91 hours

5 Where did the X-Y-Z Club gather?
    A The ABC Café
    B The Kitani Dojo
    C The Kansai Ki-in

6 Who was the first Kitani pupil to score a perfect record in the Honinbo league?
    A Ishida Yoshio
    B Cho Chikun
    C Kobayashi Koichi
    D Takemiya Masaki

7 Which famous film star has a father who wrote a go book?
    A Rita Hayworth
    B Merle Oberon
    C Joan Fontaine

8 In his 1996 flight in Endeavor, Daniel T. Barry played over a game in space featuring which player?
    A Shuwa
    B Shusaku
    C Shusai

9 Which country did Iwamoto Kaoru not live in for at least a year?
    A USA
    B Japan
    C Brazil
    D Korea
    E Netherlands

10 Who was the first Westerner to become a professional in Japan outside Tokyo?
    A Manfred Wimmer
    B Catalin Taranu
    C James Kerwin

11 Who was the go collector who gave Go World the benefit of his collection and expertise?
    A Yasunaga Hajime
    B William Pinckard
    C Yahata Kyosuke

12 Which pro was known as the Iron Goalkeeper?
    A Ma Xiaochun
    B Nie Weiping
    C Seo Pong-su

13 How many (0, 1, 2, 3) of the following famous chess player did not play go

    Edward Lasker
    Emmanuel Lasker
    Max Lange

14 Who said the clamshells are heavy today?

    A Kajiwara Takeo
    B Kitani Minoru
    C Honinbo Shusai

15 Which issue of Go World shows Tadanobu plotting revenge at the go board?

    A 13
    B 18
    C 23
    D 33
    E 73

16 Which pro played the Crown Prince of Sikkim, Palden Thondup Namgyal, at Tibetan go?
    A Iyomoto Momoichi
    B Iwamoto Kaoru
    C Go Seigen

17 What is the name of the famous board on display at the Nihon Ki-in?
    A Flower
    B Moon
    C Snow

18 Who is known as the female “Yi Ch'ang-ho'”?
    A Cho Hye-yeon
    B Pak Chi-eun
    C Rui Naiwei

19 How many of these ancient Chinese philosophers mentioned go (0, 1, 2, 3,4)?
    Zhuang Zi
    Lao Zi

20 Who was the oldest player to win a place in the Meijin league?
    A Go Seigen
    B Hashimoto Utaro
    C Iwamoto Kaoru

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